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7 Reasons Why Cheap Dental SEO Services Aren’t Always Best


Getting new patients every day. Lots of traffic to your site or blog. These are things every dental clinic wants, but can all that be achieved with cheap dental SEO services?

While the low price tag is enticing, it’s not the best way to gain new patients, or succeed in business. Depending on how you acquire traffic, it can be detrimental to your business.

Here are seven reasons why low-cost SEO isn’t the best solution to a problem.

Lack of Experience Within SEO Firm

If you choose cheap dental SEO services that don’t have a lot of examples or experience to back up their claims, get ready to pay for more than you bargained for. The problems start with:

  1. Paying for services
  2. Services are less in quality than expected
  3. You request services performed again
  4. This happens more than once, resulting in a higher bill than expected

Research shows cheaper does not equal better. Don’t let low-cost SEO fool you into thinking you’re getting a deal.

Quality Suffers from Cheap SEO

A business that charges low for dental SEO services shouldn’t be the first you turn to. The problems associated with this include:

  • More clients purchasing these services
  • Lower quality, to meet the demand of so many clients

Sometimes, cheap dental SEO services don’t research changes or trends as it relates to SEO. This creates problems since you pay money for a service that doesn’t necessarily offer the best in search engine results.

If Google thinks you are using keyword stuffing in your blogs, get ready to face penalties. Some, such as unnatural links unrelated to your website, cause long-term problems that you’ll have difficulty erasing.

Customer Service Isn’t a Promise

The issue of customer service relates back to quality suffering. Because these low-cost businesses take on so many clients, something ends up suffering.

Among them are:

  • No time to talk with you about projects
  • Not listening to your wishes or ideas
  • Missing deadlines that affect your clinic

If the firm is located overseas, getting in contact with the writers or team isn’t easy. Keep in mind that what you perceive as saving money, you lose in time and quality.

Look for a company that delivers correct results the first time, and is willing to talk with you about changes or taking your SEO in a different direction.

Troubleshooting Not Always Available

In any business, problems occur. Even when creating SEO-rich blogs, a problem occurs of just about any variety.

Some of these are:

  • Missing links
  • Rankings go down
  • Less traffic or visibility problems with your website or blog

Some cheap dental SEO services don’t offer this service. Others, no matter how good their intentions to serve customers, don’t have the experience needed to troubleshoot and fix the problem.

This puts you in the situation of finding out what is wrong and discovering how to fix it. Worse yet, you have to find another firm who takes on your problem.

While some companies don’t mind doing this, extra costs are associated with fixing problems caused by another company.

Look for a high-quality company that doesn’t leave clients alone to fix problems, and has the expertise to detect when something has gone wrong.

Paying More in the Long Term

Cheaper companies don’t usually think about how their services affect your website or blog. They take part in activities such as link stuffing or keyword stuffing.

If you know these are issues and confront them about it, they charge you extra to have them fixed. Or perhaps they frequently misspell words or miss your target audience.

At this point your options are limited:

  • Send back the work and request it fixed, costing extra
  • Send it to another company, and have them fix it costing, even more, to take on another company’s problems
  • Do it yourself, taking time away from your business

Cheap dental SEO services don’t care about the overall cost they wrack up for you. That’s why paying a little bit more for quality work is better.

It’s correct the first time, and there’s no need for constant revisions or outsourcing. Some companies offer an SEO audit tool, allowing you to check how well your SEO performs.

Avoiding Black Hat Techniques

Black hat techniques vary in the SEO world. Their purpose is to (sneakily) increase views or rankings of your site or blog.

The problem is that Google and other search engines detect these techniques, and penalize you once they do. This means starting over from scratch all over again to build a site that’s not on Google’s “bad” list.

These black hat tendencies include:

  • Keywords that are unrelated or sound nonsensical when strung together
  • Cloaking which involves searching for something, only to find unrelated words or images
  • Spam posts or blog comment posts that are spam. Nonsense words or links that aren’t coherent

By utilizing a company that states it only goes with white hat techniques gives you confidence in the company you choose.

Reliability in the Company

One of the most important things to consider when looking for a company is knowing that it is reliable. Some cheap dental SEO services are fly by night.

Even if they deliver the product, how long will they be around for?

Some companies disappear overnight, and other stick around for a couple of months, only to disappear later. To make the best investment of your time and money, look for companies that offer proven track records.

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