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As a consumer, what's the first thing you do when you have a question or problem? If Google's 3.5 billion searches per day are any sign, you turn to the ubiquitous search engine for a solution - probably using your smartphone.

Google's algorithms (and those of other search engines) have led to the rise of search engine optimization (SEO) as an industry and offshoots like Google Ads management services. Companies soon found that ranking highly on user's search queries brought them more organic traffic compared to before.

But targeting organic traffic is not enough. You need to use search engine marketing strategies like pay-per-click advertising to increase your paid reach as well.

Google Ads management services have become popular in recent years. Businesses that know they need to harness the power of pay-per-click (PPC) marketing. Businesses that lack either the time or the know how to manage their own campaigns have come to rely on these PPC services.

Read on to learn about PPC marketing and Google Ads so you can make the right decisions for how to market your business.

What is PPC Advertising?

Simply put, PPC advertising is exactly what it sounds like. A company places ads on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Search engines are able to maximize the revenue they earn from PPC marketing by placing paid ads at the top of a search page. This means that they are shown above any organic results. This is one of the reasons that PPC advertising has become just as popular as using SEO techniques.

To set up a PPC campaign, marketers bid on keywords. They then write and test those ads to see which ones engage with users and encourage clicks leading to successful conversions. The company pays nothing to display these ads which helped propel the platform's growth. This is a significant departure from traditional advertising platforms like television and radio.

As you can see, running a PPC campaign is no easy task which is why many firms prefer to outsource this task to Google AdWords management services agency.

What is Google Ads and How Does it Work

You can run PPC marketing campaigns on any search engine. But Google is the most popular option because they own 89% of the mobile search engine market share. Baidu, the Chinese search engine, comes in a distant second place with ownership of just 9% of that market.

Google AdWords is the platform that allows you to create ads that will be displayed on Google. The best way to understand how Google AdWords works is to think of it as an auction.

When a user enters a search query into Google, Google analyses that query for keywords that advertisers have submitted bids for. Google then begins an auction between any advertisers who are bidding for this keyword. The results of that auction lead to which ads are then displayed to the user.

Now it's totally understandable if you're picturing Sotheby's, or even eBay, and scratching your head in confusion. If you are, don't feel bad about the need to hire Google Ads management services to solve the problem for you.

But to put it simply, Google Ads auctions don't need direct input from people. Instead, Google determines each company's ad rank based on their maximum bid and their company's quality score. Google assigns you a quality score. This is based on your ad's click-through-rate (CTR), the text of your advertisement and the performance of your AdWords account.

This system is hugely beneficial to small businesses if they have a high-quality score. It means that they can outbid significantly larger rivals but receive a lower cost-per-click charge from Google.

One of the great things about Google Ads is that the complexity of the campaign is entirely up to the team that's running it. A mom-and-pop business might choose a local university student to run their campaigns. On the other hand, a multinational corporation is much more likely to hire the services of professional Google Ads management services.

Using Google Ads to Manage Your PPC Budget

When planning your Google Ads budget, the basic metrics that you need to manage are your cost per click (CPC) and your cost per acquisition (CPA). Since you won't convert everyone who clicks on your ads, your CPA will always be higher than your CPC.

Managing your AdWords budget when you first start out can be tricky. You need to create separate campaigns in your Google AdWords account and then assign a "per campaign budget"

Next, you should assign a daily budget to each campaign. This is to prevent your entire ad spend being used up more quickly than what you were planning for and then not being able to bid on any keywords.

One of the most important things when assigning these budgets is to base it around the maximum CPC you've set. For examples, if your CPC is $5 and your daily budget is $20, then your ad can only be clicked on four times. If you lower your maximum CPC to $2, then your potential number of clicks rises dramatically.

Since it's a bidding process, you won't always be charged your maximum CPC but using that as a benchmark will help you to control your PPC budgets.

As you can see, it's not always simple to manage a budget, but a Google AdWords management services agency can take care of all this for you.

Benefits of Using Google Ads to Manage Your PPC Campaigns

There are many benefits to using Google AdWords for your PPC advertising strategies.

It's easy to get started and gives you great insights into who is visiting your website. And with a well-researched keyword strategy, it's guaranteed to bring you more traffic.

You Can Run Tests to Improve Your Ads

Remember the days when you would agonize over your one print or radio ad? Everything needed to be perfect before it went to print, because there was no going back and changing it. With Google Ads, on the other hand, your advertisement can always be changed.

There is where A/B testing comes in. You can test as many different versions of your ad as your writing team can come up with. Try different CTAs to see if some have a higher CTR. Use different keywords to see what Google is charging you for the PPC or if they're ranking at all.

The best part is that you can run these tests very quickly. By running two sets of ads, you can track the progress on both and quickly see which one is more effective.

Of course, admitting that someone else's copy is better than yours can be tough. Not to mention that monitoring these tests can be quite time-consuming. This is why many companies opt to hire Google Ads Management Services and letting someone else take control of their PPC marketing.

Google Ads is User-Friendly

Getting started on the platform is really straightforward. Brainstorming your keywords and planning your campaigns requires careful planning. That said, you can set up your Google Ads account and start tinkering with it within a few minutes.

Don't get bogged down trying to create the perfect ads right away. One of the keys to a successful PPC campaign is constantly A/B testing your ads and adapting them based on the results of those tests.

Since you manage every aspect of your PPC campaigns through Google Ads, you don't need to learn new tech skills. Although brushing up on how to write effective CTAs won't hurt either!

Google Ads Makes It Easy To Track Your PPC Campaigns

One of the frustrating elements of SEO marketing is that the only metric you can use to measure your efforts is changes in your search engine rank and these changes are far from immediate.

With PPC advertising, Google Analytics gives you data about your campaigns immediately. In the beginning, you'll want to track your click-through rate (CTR) which is the number of times it is clicked on versus the number of impressions or times that your ad is viewed.

Besides measuring CTR, Google Analytics also gives you data about the users who are visiting your website including demographics and their behaviour on your company's website after clicking your advertisement.

Google Analytics does more than measure the traffic coming in from the search engine. It also analyses how people behave once they reach your landing pages. While some other online display ads provide similar data metrics, you could never get this kind of data from your SEO efforts.

Google AdWords management services can package up all these stats into easy-to-digest reports for you, so that you get the full picture.

Google Ads Gives You the Ability to Create Hyper Targeted Campaigns

We mentioned earlier that you can set daily budgets for your campaigns. There are many other elements that you can take advantage of while tracking your daily, weekly and monthly ad spend.

One way that you can target your ads is through the Ad Schedule in Google Ads. If you have a limited budget, take control of when your advertisements are being displayed. This process is called dayparting, and it's where you select which days your ads will appear.

Another way that you can target your ads is based on the location of users. If you run a French restaurant in New York, it's not very helpful for it to show up for people looking for a meal in Tokyo!

With geotargeting, you have the option of spending more on specific locations and excluding others. This tool allows you to control the geographic range from as small as just showing to the local neighbourhood.

Finally, you can even target your ads based on device use. Based on the product or service that you offer, you'll quickly notice a trend of whether users are finding your website via mobile devices or their desktops. For the restaurant from above, they may find many more customers come to them through searches on mobile devices so they'll allocate more of their budget to being seen on mobile.

Tips for Improving Your PPC Campaigns

Rome, as they say, was not built in a day. Neither are successful PPC campaigns.

Along with hiring Google Ads management services, here are some tips we've discovered for improving your PPC strategies.

Focus On Your Quality Score

As we mentioned previously, your quality score plays a crucial role in determining what your PPC bids will cost.

Google assesses the success of your ad copy, the relevance of your keywords and the overall performance of your account to determine this score. Increasing this score without expertise is difficult. This is one of the many areas where Google Ads management services can come in handy.

Optimize for Negative Keywords

When you give Google a list of keywords, you should also include negative keywords. If these negative keywords appear in a user's search query, your ad will not be displayed.

We've seen marketers blow through their budgets when the people clicking on their ads are not the right target. If you run a high-end boutique hotel, you don't want to show up in searches for "cheap" or "budget" boutique hotels!

Your Landing Page Needs to Support Your Advertisement

As a user, you've probably had the frustration of clicking on an advertisement that led to something completely different from what was promised.

Make sure that landing pages match the content of your advertisement and make it easy for them to engage with your website and become a successful conversion.

If your landing pages are subpar, you will see a significant increase in your bounce rate (how quickly people leave your website) which can negatively impact your site's Quality Score as well as be a waste of your budget.

Stop Seeing SEO and SEM As Enemies

Take advantage of the trove of data you get from Google Ads to boost your SEO efforts as well.

Use the keywords that perform well in your PPC campaigns as a jumping off point for your content calendar and other organic marketing campaigns.

On the other hand, if some keywords are performing dismally, it's not worth your content team throwing more effort at these lacklustre keywords. Even if they're keywords that you are performing well for organically, if they are not generating income, then it's time to re-evaluate your organic strategy.

Use Remarketing To Your Advantage

Remarketing means to target people who have already visited your company's website but left before becoming a conversion. This tells you that something in your advertisement caught their attention, however, something prevented them from moving forward.

You can create separate remarketing campaigns with different bids and copy in order to entice them to your site a second time and hopefully, have a successful conversion.

Should You Hire Google Ads Management Services?

If after you've read all of this and you feel confident about getting started, then you should certainly give PPC advertising a shot.

However, if you're still scratching your head over all the jargon we've been using from Quality Score to the endless acronyms, it may be time to hire a Google Ads agency.

The major benefit of hiring one of these PPC marketing services is that you can take advantage of their expertise. For one, they can speak in "marketing-ese". Furthermore, they also have extensive experience with everything from configuring campaign settings to get the best results to tricks for writing copy that converts.

If you get started on your own and get stuck, don't worry! These services can help you analyse your data and determine which keywords and ads are working and more importantly, whether your campaigns have been profitable.


Whether you decide to plan and run your campaigns internally or hire a PPC management company, it's crucial to have paid search engine marketing as part of your company's business plan.

Try our FREE Google Ads suitability test and find out in minutes if you should be hiring Google Ads agency.

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