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Dental SEO

Have you ever wondered what makes different SEO companies, well, different? Easy. They are passionate about different things. Some specialise in helping certain kinds of industries.

Here we are obsessed with dental SEO! We are a dentist marketing company with a passion for growing your practice. We want you to come on board with us and then sit back and watch the new patients roll in using search engine optimisation.

Our team is made up of experts in the dentistry niche of digital marketing. We will craft a customised SEO approach for your practice that will blow the competition out of the water.

Marketing and health and wellbeing website are different from other industries. There are specific needs that you have. We make it easy for you to understand what we are doing and target your ideal patient in whatever area your practice is in.

Once we start our work you’ll be able to focus on what you’re good at, dentistry. Let us take care of optimising your site and boosting your rankings. You’ll soon need that time to handle all these new patients coming through the door.

Most SEO Companies Leave You Feeling Confused and Out of the Loop

Many practices have tried using an SEO company before and it didn’t bear much fruit. That’s because they didn’t understand the nuance of your industry. We are an SEO company that will take the time to explain our strategy to you and then execute it.

We provide you with clear, actionable information to gain new patients from SEO. There’s no secrecy just results. We have a tried and true process for helping dentists’ offices build their practice and we will be happy to share info with you along the way.

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Why Choose Us For Your SEO?

There are a variety of different benefits you’ll have when working with us over other marketing companies. Here are some of the top benefits:

Dental SEO Company


You’ll always know what we are doing and we will provide you with reports and actionable information all along the way.


We keep up with all the algorithms and best practice changes for Google so you don’t have to. We are experienced in the industry and keep track of all the changes and how they can affect your campaign.

Real Life New Patients

What’s the point of doing all this work if it only results in dentists website views and no new appointments? There is no point. We will have more people seeing your practice and more new patients booking appointments as a result of our efforts.

Complete Understanding of Your ROI

You shouldn’t spend a dime on any sort of marketing effort unless you understand the positive effect it will have on your practices bottom line. We will make sure you understand fully where your money is going and how that’s going to boost business for you.

We believe in real results. If you’re doing SEO and it’s not having a tangible effect than what’s the point. Our goal is to get you more patients. Period. We even give you access to our free dental SEO audit tool so the effectiveness of your website. 

SEO Is Changing Every Day. You Need a SEO Company That Can Adapt.

We keep track of all these changes in the industry. We know when major algorithm shifts happen. We know how they will affect your industry.

By having an expert in SEO for health and wellbeing professionals on your side you’ll be able to stay ahead of your competition who’ll have a delay in their reaction. We want you to remain proactive and stay ahead of these changes without losing the traction you’ve already built up.

What Is Our SEO Strategy?

We go through a systematic and methodical strategy to get you the best results in the shortest amount of time. Here’s what we have planned for you:

Get The Quick Wins

We analyse your website for those keywords that you’re almost on page one for and optimise for those first. This gets you boosted to page one for a variety of different keywords right away.

Once we have eaten all this low-hanging fruit it’s on to the next step, competition analysis.

Annihilate the Competition

Next, we focus on completing a keyword gap analysis based on your site and your top competitors. Our tools allow us to see in the backend of the rankings and figure out what your site is missing out on. 

Then we make a plan to close that keyword gap through optimisations, content, and link-building until you’ve closed the gap and are doing it better than your competitors.

Because you have an expert team working for you we will be able to make judgements about what your competition is doing and make sure we are doing it better to push past them in the SERPs.

Dental SEO Services

Rank Tracking

While we do our work to get you as many high conversion keywords as possible you’ll be able to see your rankings in real-time. You’ll have access to a personalised dashboard that will show you daily where you’re ranking in search engines and in what positions.

You’ll get to watch the keywords continue to climb up the list and crest page one as we continue our efforts. You’ll be able to check this anytime day after day and always be in the loop about what’s going on with your targeted keywords.

Is There Really a Difference in SEO for health and wellbeing and SEO for Other Types of Clients?

SEO for health and wellbeing and SEO for typical websites which aren’t related to dentistry is similar in theory but much different in practice.

One of the key differences between the two is the niche-specific testing we have been able to perform specifically on SEO for dentists. Other SEO companies might have good strategies but they won’t have the niche-specific experience or data to get you the best results.

By focusing our business completely on what dental patients are looking for in a dentists website, we are able to create more compelling content and earn more conversions than a general SEO company.

Being connected to both the dental and SEO industries gives us the advantage and puts us in a unique position to gain new patients using Google.

Do I Need This? Why Should I Hire a health and wellbeing SEO Expert?

Every business needs to be doing marketing. Every business needs to be taking advantage of the free exposure that search engine optimisation provides.

Hiring a company who specialises in your industry means you get tried-and-true techniques that will get you more patients than other marketing companies. Some of the other general SEO companies may have never had another dental client. Is that going to be the best company to make you stand out among the crowd of dentists in your local area?

They may charge you less money but, their techniques are shaded in secrecy, they don’t know the nuance and intricacy of your niche, and they are not going to be able to build your visibility like a niche-specific expert can.

If you’re working with an SEO company without transparency they may be doing things that are borderline. This can put your website and SEO rankings at risk of being banned from Google results. At the very least, they could land you a penalty which takes a long time to recover from.

Avoid the drama and go with a company that prides itself on expertise and transparency in their marketing tactics. We understand what we need to do and the steps we have to take to optimise your website’s content for the human beings who will read it.

When you optimise for humans, they take action.

How Long Will It Take for My SEO Campaign to Bring New Patients?

SEO is a long game technique. Think of it as a foot race. If you’re the only one on the track than you’ll easily win and see the results very quickly. But, if there are 20 other runners on the field you’re going to need to put in more work, practice more often, and train harder than the others to pull ahead.

SEO is all a matter of how competitive the industry is. If your practice is one of only a handful in town it’s going to be a much faster process. We will be able to quickly set you up with a strong foundation and promote you onto the front page pretty quickly.

If you’re in a large city and there are hundreds or thousands of dental practices then it’s going to take more than one month of effort and a couple of links. To outpace the hundreds of competitors you’ll need to continue to do steady work month after month and as you close the gap it will begin to get easier.

A great first step to an SEO campaign is determining the competition in your industry and go into the process with a realistic perspective. If you go in with blinders on and you’re in a highly competitive area you may get frustrated in the beginning before the results start to show.

But, trust us. If you are diligent and stick with it, over time the results will pick up and so will your phone ringing.

Why Should I Hire a health and wellbeing SEO Expert Now?

When your goal is new dental patients than hiring a marketing company familiar with the nuance of dental marketing is useful in order to track your SEO efforts to actual production.

While you can certainly find more affordable alternatives they are going to keep you in the dark and you’ll simply watch your money vanish, wondering where it’s off to, month after month. The results will be iffy and you won’t really be able to tell where they are coming from.

On the other hand, by working with our team of dental SEO experts, we will keep you in the loop during the entire process. Because of our experience with the niche we are able to more accurately pinpoint the source for your conversions and other results.

We keep careful track of every move we make in your campaign so we know exactly what happened and why. How else can you replicate results? If you don’t know what you did, how are you going to continue to make it happen?

Let us take your dental practice to the next level. Trust our team with your digital marketing needs and watch the new patients come strolling in. We want your practice to succeed and we believe SEO for dentists is the best way to accomplish higher new patient bookings and long term success with your website.

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